2021 Editorial features


Theme: Resilience & Resistance

Sector focus: Life sciences

Method/ Technique: Sensor-based monitoring for labs

UK science focus: The Northern Powerhouse (NW): Alderley Park (Manchester) / Sensor City (Liverpool)

Events: ARABLAB (UAE, March 2021) AND Superbugs & Superdrugs (London, March 2021) AND Digital Health Technology Show (London, March 2021)

Advertiser/sponsor keywords: Resilience, resistance, Life Sciences, North West England, Antarctic, ecosystem resiliance, antimicrobial resistance, Antimicrobial biomaterials, sensor-based monitoring, Integrated Environmential Monitoring (IEM), environmental analysis, multi-disciplinary monitoring, integrative ecological modelling, bioproduction, bioanalysis


Theme: The Sustainable Earth

Sector focus: Sustainability

Method/ Technique: Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)

UK science focus: Scotland - Edinburgh BioQuarter and Pentland

Events: PITTCON (New Orleans, March 2021) AND PharmagoraPlus (France, March 2021) AND AI in Drug Discovery Conference (London, March 2021) AND Future Health (London, March 2021)

Advertiser/sponsor keywords: Sustainability, Future Farming, sustainable labs, agricultural laboratories, agricultural biotechnology, Scotland, translational medicine, precision-phenotyping, genomic selection, gene discovery, bioprospecting, cloning, genetic modification, farmer's rights, rural traditions, transgenesis, genetic contamination, Living Labs, co-production, PharmagoraPlus


Theme: A focused Aim

Sector focus: Biotechnology

Method/ Technique: Drug target identification 

UK science focus: The Golden Triangle: Oxford

Events: International Conference on Science, Technology, Engineering and Management (Oxford, April 2021), Forensics Expo 2021 (ExCel, London, 18-20 May 2021)

Advertiser/sponsor keywords: Contract research, outsourcing, customer demand, forecasting, dynamism, Agile, drug discovery, drug development, drug targeting, novel drug design, medicinal cannabis, Forensics Expo, Oxford, the Golden Triangle, gene technology, drug screening reagents, DNA analysis, RNA analysis molecular modelling, molecular interaction, real-time monitoring


Theme: The Unit of Life

Sector focus: Materials

Method/ Technique: Chromatography

UK science focus: The Northern Powerhouse (NE): Yorkshire and the Humber

Events: Med-Tech Innovation Expo (MTI Expo, Birmingham, June 2021)

Advertiser/sponsor keywords: Cells, materials, green chemistry, cellular metals, catalysis, chromatography, gas chromatography, Yorkshire and the Humber, the Northern powerhouse, North East England, laboratory informatics, Laboratory Information Systems (LIMS), biocatalysis, sustainability, biomass conversion, synthetic biology, immobilised enzymes, cell engineering, chemical engineering, small molecules, polymers, crosslinked proteins, nanoparticles, liposomes


Theme: Water & Waste

Sector focus: Environment

Method/ Technique: Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)

UK science focus: Wales: Life Sciences Hub Wales

Events: Wales: Life Sciences Hub Wales

Advertiser/sponsor keywords: Water, waste, oxygen depletion, sewage, ecosystem damage, eutrophication, plastic, recycling, Wales, life sciences, Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), supply chain management, sample tracking and approval, sample packaging, advanced therapies, digital transformation, setting standards, digital healthcare, environmental testing, environmental analysis


Theme: Global Free Riding

Sector focus: Biomedical/Pharma

Method/ Technique: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) 

UK science focus: The Golden Triangle: Cambridge Biomedical Campus

Events: International Trade Fair for Laboratory Technology, Analysis, Biotechnology and Diagnostics (South Africa, July 2021) AND Global Pharmaceutical Expo and Conference (iPharmaUK, Ldndon, August 2021)

Advertiser/sponsor keywords: Global pharma, the 'free riding' problem, geoeconomic, geopolitical, the central laboratory, microbiology services, ELISA, pathology, clinical services, consolidated practices, efficiency, intelligent procurement, standardised procedure, Cambridge, biomedical, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), precision medicine, personalised medicine, digital diagnostics, intelligence-based medicine, disease diagnostics


Theme: A Quality Laboratory

Sector focus: Food & Drink

Method/ Technique: Spectrometry

UK science focus: N. Ireland

Events: Digital Health World Congress 2020 AND FitOut Live (Milton Keynes, September 2021)

Advertiser/sponsor keywords: Food analysis, quality control, consistency, purity, quality assurance, Guiness, Gosset, Six Sigma, Northern Ireland, spectrometry, agri-food, bioprocessing, analytical chemistry, microbiological analysis, molecular methods, cell culture media, biocontamination, biocontainment, biosecurity, microbiological laboratories, biomedical laboratories, biosafety, hospitals, antiviral, replication, inhibitors, disease tolerance, host resilience


Theme: Future Lab

Sector focus: Technology & Innovation

Method/ Technique: Imaging

UK science focus: The Golden Triangle: London - MedCity/Imperial White City

Events: AI & Robotics Conference & Expo (Oct 2021) AND Robotics and Automation Exhibition (Coventry, Nov 2021)

Advertiser/sponsor keywords: Technology, innovation, robotics, AI, imagining, London, Imperial, MedCity, White City, the Golden Triangle, the digital lab, clinical analysis, robotics-led sustainability, laboratory robotics, pre-pre-clinical imaging, Digital Health World Congress 2021


Theme: Lab Innovations

Sector focus: Biotechnology

Method/ Technique: Spectroscopy

UK science focus: Midlands - Birmingham NEC Lab Innvoations

Events: Lab Innovations (Nov 2021)

Advertiser/sponsor keywords: Product, innovation, technology, Laboratory Innovations, biotechnology, Midlands, Birmingham, spectroscopy, biopharma, reagents, cell analysis, elemental analysis


Theme: Animal science / Bioscience

Sector focus: Food & Drink

Method/ Technique: Sample preparation

UK science focus: The Northern Powerhouse (NE)

Events: Pharmaceutical Microbiology UK (London, January 2022)

Advertiser/sponsor keywords: Animal science, veterinary medicine, animal pharmaceuticals, biomimetics, The Northern Powerhouse, North East England, sample preparation, microbiological detection, microbiological research, FutureVet, the Internet of Things, veterinary robotics, 3D printing, gene therapy, AI surgical assistance, surgical implants

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